Validating Online Data

Who do you consult when you have questions or when you want things clarified? If your parents, teacher or anyone you feel would be an expert in the subject matter is not around to enlighten you, the worldwide web is always available to take your inquiries. It is can even address queries whose answers cannot be found in the textbooks.

Stuff like why the battery of your phone gets drained easily and if investing in Bitcoin would be great are usually not discussed in the classrooms or even on the dinner table. Some may even find these subjects trivial. However, we cannot deny the fact that technology is greatly interwoven in our lives, and we need to adapt. Thanks to pages like Parish of St. John, we can have our questions about science, technology and other modern advancements answered.

Anyone can post anything they like in the cyberspace. And so no matter how exciting or interesting a write-up or a video is, it would be vital to verify the authenticity of its contents. If you are more curious about Parish of St.John then you can learn more about it on parish of st john.

1. Look into the credibility of the authors and/or contributors. If they go by a pseudonym, at least validate the reputation of the website or account.

2. Check out the number of people that patronize the page. Aside from having many followers, check out how many have reacted to or shared the article. Having a large audience is one determinant of credibility.

3. Double check the facts. You can compare them with the official statements and publications of the involved party.

There are vlogs in the cyber world such as Parish of St. John which use content sharing sites instead of an actual website. It does not matter if it is paid or free. What weighs more is the relevance and authenticity of the things that the author share.

IPhone Repair Singapore or Just Buy a New One?

Was there ever a time where you accidentally dropped your phone and when you picked it up the screen has been broken and has shattered into pieces? Well, most of the iPhone users have actually experienced that. One the biggest question that every iPhone user would be asking is if it is better to buy a new phone or just have it repaired. In discussing which better way to do if this happens to you is to breakdown the pros and cons of the situation. You can find more details on iphone repair singapore on the site

Buying A Brand New One

Like any other broken materials, it is always better to purchase a new replacement. Specs are new and to encounter future technical problems would be less likely also, new phones come with a warranty, wherein the event that your phone malfunctions, you can just bring it to the store where you brought it, either it is fixed for free or replaced with a new one. The only problem of buying a new phone is that of a budget. We all know that iPhones are expensive and buying a new one is like throwing thousands of dollars when a phone could just be fixed or repaired.

Repair the Phone

Anything broken can always be fixed and that goes with iPhones too. Finding an iphone repair Singapore is just around every corner of the country. There are a lot of talented and skillful repair operators who can help you out with bringing life back to your broken phones, plus not to mention that iPhone repair is inexpensive. Having your phone repaired also comes with the dilemma of the functionality, if the phones are going to be on its prime usefulness.

Whatever you decide to do with the broken iPhone that you have, it is best to make use of what you have, if it can be repaired, have it fixed, if there is no chance for the phone to functional then buy a new one.

Fun Facts about Poker

There is no doubt that poker is the most popular card game in the world. It is also the number one way to gamble whether it may be on a land-based casino or an online one. The game is fun plus there is a skill element involved in the gameplay that makes it challenging. Here is a bandarq list of fun facts about the world of poker that you should think about:

Poker used to be played with 20 cards

The poker that we come to know and love is played with the full deck of 52 cards. Before, the early versions were only played with 20 cards and four players. The four players were dealt with five cards and they start betting on who has the best hand. Scholars believed that playing the whole deck started on 1834. More information about situs bandarq on

The longest game of poker

The Bird Cage Theatre, Arizona, housed the longest poker game – said to last 8 and a half years. The players were said to be well-known western personalities and the game started with a $1000 minimum buy-in. It was said that the game only ended when the building became flooded.

The largest poker game

The UK was recognized in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest game of poker held in Onchan, Isle of Man. The tournament was hosted by PokerStars and was held in June 2013. The tournament had a $1 buy in and had 225,000 contenders.

Poker as a tie-breaker for elections

For the mayor post in Estancia, New Mexico, a tie is settled with a game of poker. In fact, this has happened three times already.

Richard Nixon was a pro player

It was said that during his first campaign for the House of Representatives, Richard Nixon’s funds came from his poker winning when her served in the navy. It turns out that he was an excellent poker player and had earned a lot of funds from winning poker games.


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