Go With The Flow or Get Left Behind

The Stone Age has long been behind our past. People then can adjust to the needs and created their way on how to survive. They were the first people who used technology. They produced their own weapons using bare hands and stones. They ignite fires out of stones and woods. And cook their foods without non-stick pans. As time goes by, people are now able to combat enemies using unsharpened tools but can kill many. People of today can cook food without fire. And can fry different kinds of foods without using any oil. Learn more about freelance jobs on itnationals.

You put a Stone Age man today and he'll get lost with the ict jobs. They don't even know the term IT. On the other hand, we will not survive the col weathers without fire if we will return to the Stone Age. Technology evolves every single minute. In a span of 3 – 6 months, a new product will be introduced. Technology tries to resolve every single problem of the human. You can't use the words "I don't know" as an excuse for failing to do something. You can learn how to cook through the uploaded videos online. You can fix a car despite not being a mechanic by getting information from the internet. This is how we are today. We live according to the flow of technology.

The life we are living is so fast that going against it will be disastrous. An old woman must learn how to operate a computer or she'll be living a horrible experience. Nowadays, a child who can't even read has the ability to use a tab. He can easily connect with technology without even the ability to read. A simple click on the screen of a computer can generate many actions. And it is a must for all to go with the flow of the technology or they will be left behind. The Stone Age can return in you if you will not understand the use of our technology today.