Business Units

Microsoft Corporation business units in the age of the millennials

Microsoft Corporation is a company that focuses on computer programming. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the company initially produced operating system called MS-DOS. Today, the company conforms with the latest trends in technology by organizing the company into three business segments.

The three business segments include the following:
• Productivity and Business Process
• Intelligent Cloud
• More Personal Computing

The Productivity and Business Process offers different devices and platforms that aim to provide communication, productivity and information services. The segment includes office commercial, office consumer, consumer services and dynamic business solutions.

For office commercial segment, it includes the subscription of Office 365 and licensed on-premises such as Skype for Business, SharePoint and Exchange.

For consumer segment, office consumer services include OneDrive, and Skype. It also includes Office 365 subscriptions.

For dynamic business solutions, a set of cloud-based applications are offered including Dynamics 365, Dynamic CRM on-premises and Dynamics ERP on-premises.

The Intelligent Cloud is consisting of server products categorized as public, private and hybrid. It offers enterprise services and cloud services such as Microsoft Consulting Services, Window Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

More Personal Computing focuses on end users who use different devices available today. It also provides products and services that IT professionals and developers need. The business unit offers Windows OEM licensing, Windows Commercial, Windows Commercial offerings, Windows IoT, Windows cloud services and MSN display advertising.

It also offers gaming and devices include Xbox, Xbox Live transaction and Microsoft Surface.

The full-suite offer of Microsoft guarantees the efficiency of technology-related tasks implemented in companies. It also aids in the productivity of an individual on a personal level. It also develops a holistic approach where gaming consoles and other devices are created to bring fun and excitement at home.