I am not a fan and I will never become a fan of prohibited drugs. A lot of people’s lives were ruined because they became drug addicts. Most addicts even lose their lives because of the harmful effects of these drugs in the body. Ecstasy is one of those drugs that can be very harmful to a human’s body. In this article, you will learn some of the harmful effects of Ecstasy and hopefully this will stop you from becoming a Molly addict.

Makes the body systems to function abnormally

This drug comes in tablet form and may be in different shapes and colors. A single tablet may contain different kinds of substances that is why MDMA testing kit was invented. It will let you identify the substances in the drug specifically the MDMA. Once you become an addict, it will affect your heart because it will make you hyper. Because of the abnormality in the body system, it will cause you to have muscle cramps, nausea, and even blurred vision. It may increase heart rate resulting to a heart attack. It will also affect your blood pressure resulting to hypertension. If your body becomes weaker, it may lead to death. Get more information about mdma testing kit on this link.

This drug will make you very depressed in time

Ecstasy or Molly can actually make you feel energized and happy at first use but if you become an ecstasy addict, it will just make you feel depressed and anxious as soon as the effect of the drug wears off. It will also make you confused in so many things and it will even affect your memory abilities since it alters the normal functioning of your brain.

Ecstasy may give you that much euphoria in a few hours but the harmful effects will be your consequence for a long time. Those effects are serious and you would not want to end up dead. So, do not make yourself an Ecstasy addict.