Laptop vs Notebook

Laptop vs Notebook and network functionalities

Laptop and notebooks are among the gadgets that you can use for business and personal purposes. It serves as a counterpart on your desktop PC especially if you're on-the-go. However, these two devices are different based on their features.

In this article, you'll see the differences and similarities between both devices:

Size and weight

When it comes to size, it's obvious that laptops are bigger than a notebook. If you're working like a nomad, the notebook is very handy even you're traveling on a bus. It's very lightweight and you can bring it anywhere. Although the laptop has a bigger screen, the notebook is still decent for viewing and writing purposes.

DVD Drives

If you love to use your DVD drive, you can have it using a laptop. However, when it comes to the notebook, it's not always integrated. But thank you to the available ports, you can attach external hard drives.

Processing capacity

Surprisingly, notebooks today have the same processing capacity than laptops. You can find a notebook with an 8 GB RAM with a power-efficient processor. The feature allows you to use it like a laptop.

Battery life

Another surprising feature of a notebook that surpassed the laptop is the battery life. A notebook can last up to 14 hours, which is longer than a laptop. So, even you’re on mobile, you are guaranteed to be able to use your laptop even you don’t bring your charger.

Notebooks are a creation that helps many freelancers and other individuals who love spending work outside their home. Because of its handy features, it was able to help them to use their time even they’re on the road. If you describe yourself as a digital nomad, buying a notebook is a better option than buying a laptop. You must own one.