Hair Straightener That Protects: Get the Ceramic and Tourmaline Kind

Can hair straightener damage your hair? Yes, it can. If you use a hair straightener daily without taking precautions, your hair will become dry, coarse and brittle. This is bad news if you want hair that is smooth and silky instead of frizzy and dry to the ends.

What do you do then if you do not want to give up your precious hair straightener? There are several things you can do to make sure that you protect your hair from damage that may be caused by the hair straightener. Here are two of the most important:

1. Invest in a hair straightener made of ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic and tourmaline have properties that can counteract the damage caused by excessive application of heat on the hair.
2. Take care of your hair before, during and after using a hair straightener. A well-cared for hair will be healthier and will be easier to manage.

Ceramic and Tourmaline Hair Straightener

Is a ceramic hair straightener the same as a tourmaline hair straightener? Actually, you can find a ceramic tourmaline hair straightener that is of very good quality. A ceramic tourmaline hair straightener counteracts ensures that your hair is protected and free from frizz and static. Get one that has temperature control to aid in preventing hair damage. Applying a straightening balm after using a ceramic tourmaline hair straightener will also help. If you are more curious about hair straightener then you can learn more about it on shavercentre.

Work on Healthy Hair

The rule is not to overdo the use of hair straightener by regulating the heat applied and by using a ceramic tourmaline hair straightener once a day only. Using a conditioner that is of high-quality will help keep your hair hydrated and healthy. A weekly hair spa or deep conditioning treatment will further counter the effect of the heat applied from using a ceramic tourmaline hair straightener.