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CNET: A comprehensive review website for technology-related information

You've seen many websites today that offers the latest reviews about technology yet CNET stays as a reliable source that millions of people follow. CNET is a website founded in 1994 that produces radio and television content in addition to the website. Currently, the website offers the latest consumer technology breakthroughs through its blogs, podcasts, CNET Video and Internet television network.

The website offers different information that matches the needs of its followers. If you visit the website, you'll find the following information:

• Technology news - The latest news including the top stories and trending stories.
• Unbiased product reviews - Reviews about smartphones, laptops, gaming console and smart home technology.
• Deals - It includes the holiday prices, discounts and codes of items available in the market today.
• How-to - Provides information about fixing bugs, controlling and protecting devices.
• Videos - It provides the hot new thing in the industry today as well as demystifying technology.
• Download - The website offers downloadable mobile apps, software and games.

CNET is composed of dedicated experts who review products in 65 categories. The team is spread out to different locations including Boston, London, Louisville, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore. The team ensures to immediately comment and analyze the product once it’s already on store shelves.

The team does not only provide the features of the products being evaluated. It also covers the life cycle, competing device information and recall announcement.
The team evaluates the product based on quantitative and qualitative results. The review is based on the industry-accepted benchmarks and an in-house test created by CNET Labs. Hands-on experience is also implemented to ensure that the information provided is accurate. If you’re looking for information about the latest technology, CNET is the website you can trust.